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There were about 15 children between six and 13-years-old both female and male in the class, and about a dozen adults learning. Cooma Judo Club is affiliated with Judo NSW and has participants and medalist at ACT, NSW, National, International and Olympic levels.

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. Judo originated in Japan and was delevoped by Jigaro Kano (in 1882 when he started the Kodokan) as a derivative of the various jujitsu forms which were developed and used by the samuria and feudal warrior class over hundreds of years. Although many of the techniques of judo originated from arts that were designed to hurt opponents in actual field battle, the techniques of judo were modified so that students could practice and apply these techniques safely and without hurting opponents.There are 67 throw techniques and several ground holds to learn. Belt grades go from white to black. Judo has been a Olympic sport since 1964